GameBoks is now on Amazon!

Last week, our newest product, the GameBoks II, went online on the US’s most used e-commerce website: Amazon. This is great news because it means that our product is easier to reach for our US customers since they will be able to order the product directly from Amazon and get it shipped to their homes through the Prime service. That is amazing, isn’t it? - Click here to see it on Amazon

                                    Amazon GameBoks, portable gaming plug & Play device. Built in gaming monitor                                            

But that is not the only benefit that this new launching carries. If our customers make use of the Amazon Prime Store Card, they will enjoy a $60 discount! Yes, that’s right. So instead of paying $899, they will end up paying $839! The Prime Card will also allow customers to pay over time with equal monthly payments, as well as don't having an annual fee at all if they decide to use this card. Moreover, the Prime Delivery Service will effectivize our delivery service, since Prime offers more expertise and experience on delivering products. Therefore, these advantages will make life easier for future GameBoks customers when buying our product. 

For us, and for the customers, it was crucial to have our GameBoks II live on Amazon. Our main product, which fits consoles such as PS5, Xbox series S, PS4, would have more visibility and it would be easier to look for if we decided to launch it on Amazon, so that’s why we did so. Furthermore, since the product would gain more visibility, then it was a great opportunity to show the product’s main advantages, like our transportability, not only because it is a suitcase itself, but also because of the detachable trolley. Our portable gaming station is also known for its capacity to fit different consoles, and this is something increasingly important for the near future since new consoles appear on the market every year. 

This new journey on Amazon is just starting, and the GameBoks team is looking forward to exploring all the benefits that the platform can offer to our customers and to the company, therefore gaining new insights on how to offer a better experience for our customers when going through the buying process, which can also be analysed through the review system offered by Amazon. 

Click here to see it on Amazon